Total Body Shred with Roger: Week 5

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well we had a different week and it was good. The yoga was hard work which I did not expect but it did help with stretching and flexibility, not much yet, but it will over time

I have discovered that Buddha was not a yoga fan – how do I know that? Well I have the same physique as Buddha and I could not do some of the poses because my pot-belly got in the way! (Note to self: must check up on Bing why Cathy calls me her Ben Franklin Stove – could it be more than my warm personality?)

The cardio was harder than we had done, possible just because they were new moves – Cheryl’s kick boxing is energetic, and Lynn’s circuit was work too. I can see progress! I can do more exercises at the ‘high’ level although I have to drop back to ‘low’ to finish the set.

The Nutrition labels session with Michelle  was very informative.  I had just been looking at Calories and Portion size until now. I found that a tasty Lean Cuisine Artichoke and Spinach dip with whole grain Pita (sounds good) would give me 46% of my daily allowance of salt (I try to stay under 1000MG of salt a day)

My weight went the wrong way this week, but my % fat is down again if the Lifestyle machine is to be trusted? My best news is that I have not had a BP measurement over 150/90 for more than a 10 days !!!  That is my real goal  - get off the BP medication for good.

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