With roots traced back over 3,000 years, Yoga is an art-in-motion practice originating in India that focuses on restoring balance to the body and mind. hrough a series of physical postures and deep breathing techniques, yoga focuses on healing the whole person and views the mind and body as a single, integrated entity.

Warrior PoseThrough yoga’s popularity in the West, we find the last decade or so has provided us with the clinical validation that medicine has long awaited. Over 100 clinical research trials have been conducted to provide the evidence that yoga truly has healing properties that are now understood on a scientific level.

We’ve always known that yoga practitioners become more flexible, physically stronger, energetic, happier and more healthy over time. We now know that as we practice yoga, therapeutically, we increase muscle, improve balance and realign our skeletal system. We strengthen and calm the nervous system.  We increase blood flow to the internal organs and bring more oxygen to our cells thus improving digestion, cardiovascular health, respiration, immunity, mental health, chronic back pain and asthma, to name a few. Stronger and healthier bodies naturally lead to stronger and healthier minds. Through yoga, we clear the mental clutter that allows fear, anxiety and sadness to grow bringing tremendous stress to our lives.

It is a common misconception that in order to practice yoga, you must be strong and flexible. Quite to the contrary, when you lack strength and flexibility yoga can have a significant impact. One of the best aspects of yoga is that everyone works to their own ability and physical edge and with regular practice that ability and edge will improve leaving you stronger and more flexible. Real yoga does not create a competitive environment. When we all practice to our own ability and on our own physical edge it feels the same to each of us. Our highly-skilled, instructors provide step-by-step guidance through the poses and provide assistance to all students in each class.

When considering the overwhelming scientific evidence, the bottom line is that yoga changes our bodies and not just on the outside. The effects of yoga are extensive and increase over time. First, we feel stronger, then areas of the body that presented health challenges improve, then something about our perspective on life shifts and those challenges that life has throws our way, like stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination, and lethargy, begin to clear – leaving us ready to bring positive change into our lives. These are powerful words, but then again, yoga is a powerful practice!

In addition to our weekly yoga schedule, we also offer a highly regarded Pre-natal program, Targeted Therapeutic Yoga workshops, and fun Family/Kids Yoga events.

Preparing for a yoga class

Wear comfortable, athletic clothes that you can easily move around in. Many students prefer to wear layers because the body tends to warm up during the asanas (postures) and cool down during relaxation. You will practice barefoot on your mat—you can bring your own or you may use one of ours. It’s good to bring water and a small towel. Please do not eat within 1 hour of practicing yoga.


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